Making your store more robust.

E-ComeTrue Inc. strives to be a supporter in guiding the growth of our clients. To do this, we use one of our critical tools called, which is a Software as a Service (SaaS) to streamline your business that includes operations management.

Select the features you need. is ready to assist your company with various menus including operations management and information sharing. You can select features based on your needs and preferences. We commit ourselves to providing services that are simple and easy to use by anyone, even for companies less familiar with information and Communications Technology(ICT). You might think that an ICT system will require a large investment, but that’s not the case with us. Since is an application service, we are able to offer both initial and running costs at a low and affordable price.

We are the IT representative for your store.

“I’m unfamiliar with computers”… “It sounds difficult to operate”… No problem, we fully handle everything from server administration to system maintenance. Even if there is no ICT staff at your store, E-ComeTrue’s reliable experts will assist you with initial settings, activation, as well as aftercare throughout.

Go abroad with Win-Board. is multilingual. When expanding business abroad, Win-Board, through the Internet, enables your company to manage information sharing between your headquarters and overseas branches.

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